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15-Year-Old Boy with Autism Wandered to Boston’s Subway System; Rescued by MBTA Transit Police Using SafetyNet Tracking System

Press Release 09/09/2011

15-Year-Old Boy with Autism Wandered to Boston’s Subway System; Rescued by MBTA Transit Police Using SafetyNet Tracking System

First Rescue in Boston Using SafetyNet System

Yesterday morning, a 15-year-old resident of East Boston – who has autism and is enrolled in the SafetyNet Service – wandered away from his school to one of his favorite spots – the subway system – and was rescued within approximately 20 minutes by MBTA Transit Police using the SafetyNet Tracking System.  This is the first rescue in Boston since the service was made available in January 2011. 

 The Details of the Rescue:

When school officials noticed the boy was missing, they immediately called 911.  Boston Police Department dispatch notified its ground units, as well as the MBTA Transit Police Department.  Police were alerted that the boy’s last known location was North Station and arrived with their SafetyNet tracking equipment.  Approximately 20 minutes after arriving at North Station, officers with the MBTA Transit Police began picking up a signal emitting from the missing boy’s SafetyNet Bracelet.  The signal was coming from Downtown Crossing and was strongest underground.  Officers went underground into the subway, boarded a train and were able to locate the boy, who was heading southbound.  Using techniques learned in the SafetyNet training sessions, the officers were able to effectively communicate with and approach the boy and ultimately safely remove him from the train.  He was rescued unharmed and later brought back to his parent.    

“We are proud of our transit police officers’ quick response to this emergency situation,” said Transit Police Deputy Chief Joseph O’Connor. “With the use of SafetyNet Search and Rescue Receivers, officers were able to reunite the lost child with his family within minutes.” 

This is the first rescue of a client enrolled in the SafetyNet Tracking service in the city of Boston. 

The SafetyNet service is comprised of a SafetyNet Bracelet worn by a client that emits Radio Frequency signals, which can be tracked by local public safety officials via their SafetyNet Search and Rescue Receivers.

The SafetyNet service is currently available to residents in Boston, as well as many surrounding towns and counties.  In an effort to provide valuable protection to individuals at risk of wandering, SafetyNet™, Inc. is currently providing 1,500 free SafetyNet devices -- along with six months of service -- now through September 30, 2011 to any interested caregivers living in SafetyNet’s coverage areas.  For more information on SafetyNet Tracking and the giveaway, please contact (877) 4-FINDTHEM (877-434-6384) or visit safetynettracking.com.

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