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Law Enforcement Agencies in Palm Beach County, Florida Locate Missing Person with SafetyNet® Tracking System

Press Release 04/23/2015

Law enforcement agencies in Palm Beach County, FL, located a missing person with a cognitive condition using the SafetyNet® Tracking system. In this case, a 33-year-old man with Down Syndrome was reported missing on April 22ndth at 8:20 PM. Authorities from law enforcement agencies in Palm Beach County arrived on location and began searching for the individual.  After following the signal emitting from the missing individual’s SafetyNet Tracking bracelet, the individual was located at 10:15 PM.

The SafetyNet Tracking system is designed to assist public safety agencies in locating persons who have cognitive conditions and have wandered off and are missing.  SafetyNet Tracking clients wear a SafetyNet bracelet that emits radio frequency signals, which can be tracked by local public safety officials via their SafetyNet Tracking Search and Rescue Receivers.

The SafetyNet Tracking system is available in various coverage areas.  For more information on the SafetyNet Tracking system and coverage areas, please contact 877-434-6384 or visit safetynettracking.com.

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