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Missing Elderly Man Located by Philadelphia Police Northeast Detectives Using SafetyNet Tracking Tracking Technology

Press Release 12/10/2012

Over the weekend, a 75-year-old Philadelphia resident wandered off and was rescued by Philadelphia Police Northeast Detectives using the SafetyNet tracking and rescue system. He was found approximately two miles from the location where he was last seen. The missing man, who has limited cognitive short- and long-term memory loss, had wandered away from a retail store at Torresdale and Van Kirk Streets and was rescued in the 5300 block of State Road.  Since the man was wearing a SafetyNet Tracking tracking bracelet, Northeast Detectives were able to follow its signal and ultimately rescue the man with their SafetyNet Search and Rescue Receivers.

 The missing man was found unharmed approximately two hours after Philadelphia Police dispatch was notified that he was missing.

 More information on the SafetyNet Tracking Service, which is available for individuals with cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer’s and autism that may cause them to wander, can be found at safetynettracking.com.