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Hialeah Resident with Alzheimer's Located More than a Mile Away From Home by Hialeah Police Department Using SafetyNet Tracking System

Press Release 07/02/2012

A 69-year-old male resident from Hialeah, who suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease, was rescued last night after he went missing and wandered approximately 1.25 miles away from his home.  Detectives of the Hialeah Police Department located him at approximately 7:55 p.m. using SafetyNet Tracking’s tracking equipment.  Once the signal emitting from the patient’s SafetyNet bracelet was identified, the patient was located by authorities in just 10 minutes in good condition standing outside of an automotive repair shop on the 3100 block of Palm Avenue.  

This is the third rescue that the Hialeah Police Department has been involved with using the SafetyNet equipment.  

The SafetyNet Tracking service enables public safety agencies to quickly find and rescue individuals with cognitive conditions who are prone to wandering and becoming lost.  The service is comprised of a SafetyNet Bracelet worn by a client that emits Radio Frequency signals, which can be tracked by local public safety officials via their SafetyNet Search and Rescue Receivers.

In the greater Miami area, SafetyNet Tracking is available to residents in Hialeah, Miami and Coral Gables.  For more information on the SafetyNet Tracking service, please contact (877) 4-FINDTHEM (877-434-6384), visit safetynettracking.com or follow SafetyNet on Twitter or Facebook.