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The Massachussetts State Police and Boston Police Department Locate Missing Person with SafetyNet® Tracking System  

Rescue Story 06/27/2016
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The Massachussetts State Police and Boston Police Department located a missing person with a cognitive condition using the SafetyNet® Tracking System. In this case, a 21-year-old man with Down Syndrome was reported missing on June 27 at 12:20 PM. Authorities from the Massachussetts State Police and Boston Police Department arrived on location and began searching for the individual.  During the course of the search, the Massachusetts State Police Air Wing was notified of the situation and they responded with a helicopter and a trained trooper with SafetyNet tracking equipment. At approx. 3:30PM, the MSP helicopter crew picked up the signal from the man’s SafetyNet bracelet in the area of the Ashmont “T” Station and notified the BPD of this information. BPD officers equipped with SafetyNet tracking equipment on the ground responded to this area, also picked up the signal, and located the man within minutes. The man was unharmed and was returned home by Boston Police.