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Quincy Police Department Uses SafetyNet® Tracking Service to Find and Rescue Eight-Year-Old Boy with Autism Found Swimming Alone in the Ocean  

Rescue Story 09/08/2010
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An eight-year-old boy with autism wandered off from his home in Quincy on September 8, 2010 and headed for the ocean. As soon as his mother realized he was missing, she contacted the Quincy, MA Police Department. In only 14 minutes, police found the child, who was swimming alone in the ocean waters – 100 yards from shore.

This dramatic story had a happy ending, thanks in large part to SafetyNet® Tracking System’s technology and the excellent work of local police.

Through the SafetyNet Bracelet worn on the child’s wrist, officers with the Quincy Police Department were able to use their SafetyNet Search and Rescue Receivers to find the child’s exact location and safely rescue the boy from the ocean waters. Because SafetyNet uses Radio Frequency technology, it was highly effective at finding this child even though he was in a body of water. This is a key differentiator from GPS-based systems and can make all the difference, particularly since children with autism tend to gravitate towards water. In this case, Quincy Police Lt. Dan Minton, received a strong signal at Wollaston Beach and was able to rescue the child before any harm could have potentially taken place.