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When someone goes missing, everyone second counts. SafetyNet® Tracking System works fast to save precious time and precious lives.

"We had our concerns because our son has sensory issues and the thought of him wearing the locator on his wrist or ankle seemed daunting.  But after a brief adjustment period in which we made him feel comfortable in wearing the locator, it is now on 24/7."

-SafetyNet® Tracking Systems Caregiver, PA

"[SafetyNet] has given me the peace of mind to sleep at night and know that my son is safe.   My police department is well aware of my son, and I feel comfortable that if he were to wander away they would find him right away."

-SafetyNet® Tracking Systems Caregiver, MA

"My son went missing at school, the police were called, and instead of walking around the whole building, they turned their SafetyNet® Tracking Systems antennae on and went right to him. It all happened so fast."

-SafetyNet® Tracking Systems Caregiver, MN

"I'm sold on the program. I hope I never have to use it. I know that the police can be here in a second or two to find him."

-SafetyNet® Tracking Systems Caregiver, NC

"If I blink he's gone, so we're on top of him all the time, but having the SafetyNet bracelet....it's an added security."

-SafetyNet® Tracking Systems Caregiver, MN

"The Bracelet gives us more freedom to do what we want as a family."

-SafetyNet® Tracking Systems Caregiver, MN

Lower Merion Captain Explains Why SafetyNet® Tracking Systems Will Benefit His Team and the Community: