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Should a wandering event occur:

  1. Call 911 immediately before you look for your loved one. Inform your public safety agency that your loved one is on the SafetyNet Tracking System and give them the frequency and ID assigned.
  2. Contact SafetyNet at our 24 hour emergency number (877-434-6384) as we monitor all emergency calls and can assist public safety agencies in the search. Be sure to leave your call back number. 
  3. Trained search and rescue personnel use SafetyNet® Tracking Systems Search and Rescue Receivers to track the Radio Frequency signal being emitted from the SafetyNet® Tracking Systems Bracelet. Certified SafetyNet® Tracking Systems agencies also have access to SafetyNet® Tracking Systems’s secure database of key client information (such as physical description, medical condition, de-escalation techniques, etc.) to assist in the search and rescue operation.
  4. Once public safety officers locate your loved one, they will return him or her home safely.